Jordan Bryant

Jordan Bryant, 2015-2016 Fox Fellow to Moscow
December 17, 2015

Please describe yourself in one sentence.

I am a headstrong, persistent, indefatigable striver for greater personal and societal good.

What is the essence of your current research? 

I’m currently researching internationally strategic economic planning in the Russian Federation.

What drives your academic pursuit?

What drives my academic pursuit is a love of Russia, a growing dismay at the current deployment of world power, and a belief that the current model of US & Western European dominance needs to be shifted in a more equitable and inclusive fashion in order to better the world.

What impact do you hope to make in society one day?

I hope to educate the public about racism – what it is and how deep its remedies truly need to go – and subsequently to lessen its grasp on national and international institutions. I also hope to help people worldwide understand and fight for the view that the current status quo on the world scene is ultimately destructive to all those involved, and must be changed through wider participation of all nations – big and small, West and East, of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres – in decisions that alter the world’s way of life.