Fox Team

Emily EriksonJoseph C. Fox Director

Emily Erikson is the Joseph C. Fox Academic Director of the Fox International Fellowship and associate professor of sociology and the school of management (by courtesy). She works on the emergence and development of global networks, organizations, and the institutions of capitalism and democracy. Her award-winning book, Between Monopoly and Free Trade: The English East India Company (Princeton University Press, 2014) shows how the autonomy of agents in the East India Company fostered informal information sharing and organizational flexibility that were key to the Company’s long-term success. The book illuminates the processes underpinning the emergence of early multi-national firms and the structure of early modern global trade. Her forthcoming book, The End of Equity: Companies and Politics in the Development of a New Science of Economics (Columbia University Press), identifies a crucial transformation in economic thinking in the early modern era, when moral issues took a backseat to growth imperatives. She shows that the increasing power of companies coupled with merchant’s marginal political power created the conditions that drove individual to adopt a new theoretical and moral framework for economic thought focused on national prosperity rather than individual moral behavior.

Her work has appeared in the American Journal of SociologyAnnual Review of SociologySociology TheoryThe Journal of Economic History, and Social Science History, among others. She serves on the council for the economic sociology section of the American Sociological Association, the editorial board for Social Science History, the editorial committee for the Relational Sociology Series. She is a founding member of the advisory board for the Journal of Historical Network Research and sits of the executive council of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Senate.


Julia Muravnik, Assistant Director for Fox Fellowship 

Julia Muravnik administrates the Fox International Fellowship, as well as many other awards and exchanges, in the MacMillan Center for International & Area Studies at Yale. She is the first point of call for any questions not answered by these pages and serves as a vital resource to Fox International Fellows both at Yale and abroad. Julia’s background resonates with the initial aims and partnership of the Fellowship: born in Russia during the Soviet era, Julia immigrated to the United States shortly after the millennium and has been at Yale since 2005. She speaks English, Russian, and German, and enjoys getting to know the Fellows and learning more about the cultures that they represent. Julia gives annual information sessions about the Fellowship at Yale; frequently travels to Fox exchange partners universities; and coordinates efforts to keep alumni in touch, which includes organizing reunions. She welcomes contact from prospective and former Fox International Fellows regarding these and all other matters pertaining to the Fellowship.

Phone: 1-203-436-8164

Isabel Jijon, Postdoctoral Associate with the Fox International Fellowship

Isabel has a Ph.D. with distinction in sociology from Yale University and a B.A. Magna Cum Laude from Yale College. While at Yale, Isabel will continue working on her research project, The Dignity of Working Children? Recognition and Stigma in the Global Fight Against Child Labor, which studies a transnational advocacy campaign promoting a moral distinction. In addition, she will be mentoring Fox International Fellows, conduct a weekly seminar for the Program, advise prospective applicants, serve on the Selection Committee, and help the Fox Academic Director with designing and implementing the academic trainings for the fellows. Isabel is also a Research Consultant at UNICEF and a Research Associate at the Dignity and Debt Network in Princeton University.