Students from Fox Exchange Partners

Exchange Partners and the Fox International Fellowship

This section is for students from Fox exchange partner universities who are interested in being nominated to be Fox International Fellows at Yale. For current Yale students interesting in applying for a Fox Fellowship at an exchange partner university go here for information on how to apply. The Fox Fellowship is NOT open to postdoctoral applicants. International student proposing projects in their home country are NOT eligible.

Overview of the nomination and selection process
Each Fox partner university holds an open annual competition to gather applications, select and nominate their best students to be Fox Fellows to Yale. The Yale Fox Fellowship selection committee makes the final decision based on the following criteria:

●    Quality of research proposal
●    Strength of academic achievement
●    Character and demonstrated leadership potential
●    Demonstrated personal commitment to being a “citizen scholar” ambassador- a scholar conducting academic work with the potential to offer practical solutions to the problems that stand in the way of the world’s peace and prosperity.

Application deadlines are in January/February each year: specific dates will be announced by each Fox partner university. Students accepted as Fox Fellows at Yale will be notified by mid-April. The Fellowship period is ten months, beginning in late August each year and ending on May 31st.

Seeking Nomination from Exchange Partners for the Fox Fellowship at Yale
The Fox International Fellowship at Yale University will only consider students who are nominated formally by each Fox Partner University. Each Fox partner university sets its own guidelines and schedules for reviewing and selecting individual applications from their students in order to decide which applications to nominate officially. In identifying candidates for Fox Fellowships, each partner university adheres to the following eligibility and selection criteria:

Eligibility: Graduate level students pursuing Doctoral or Masters level degrees are eligible. Due to the US visa restrictions, students have to be enrolled in a degree granting program at the partner institution for the duration of the fellowship.

The Fox Fellowship is NOT open to postdoctoral applicants and international student proposing projects in their home country are NOT eligible.

Personal characteristics: The candidate must demonstrate commitment to serious research and also capacity for leadership and civic engagement in the larger community. The candidate clearly understands and has demonstrated commitment to being a “citizen scholar” ambassador.

Strength of academic achievement: The candidate must demonstrate both excellence in relevant coursework as well as strong evidence of research ability in the field of endeavor they are proposing as their Fox Fellowship project.

Field of focus: A strong and specific research project with a focus in international relations and global affairs, environmental policy, public health, business and finance, sociology, economics, political science, political theory, law, and contemporary history, with preference for topics of contemporary, applied, theoretical and/or institutional relevance to enhancing the world’s peace and prosperity. The candidate’s overall program of studies or degree may come from different disciplines and departments as long as their project focuses on one or more of these fields.

Language skills: The candidate’s language skills must be sufficient both to succeed in their research project and to engage in the intellectual and social community of the host university and their colleagues in the Fox International Fellowship at Yale. Candidates for Fox Fellowships at Yale University have to provide recent TOEFL or IELTS scores demonstrating proficiency in English conversation, reading and writing. This requirement is waived only for applicants from partner institutions where English is the primary language of instruction.

How to Apply
Contact the relevant Fox partner university liaison listed on the right for details for your university’s application procedures and timing. The typical application material includes an  application form, TOEFL/IELTS scores (if applicable), and two letters of recommendation. Details of schedule, format, specific information and documentation may vary with each Fox exchange partner university. Please refer to Fox exchange partner university pages for specific information on application requirements.

Fox International Fellowship Application Form

For more information, check out the FAQs page.