The University of Tokyo and Waseda University, Japan

The Fox Fellowship is delighted to announce a combined partnership with the two top universities in Japan, the University of Tokyo and Waseda University.  

The University of Tokyo was established in 1877 as the first national university in Japan. As a leading research university with approximately 4,000 faculty members and 27,000 graduate and undergraduate students, the university offers courses in essentially all academic disciplines at both undergraduate and graduate levels and conducts research across the full spectrum of academic activity. It aims to provide its students with a rich and varied academic environment that ensures opportunities for both intellectual development and the acquisition of professional knowledge and skills.

The university has three main campuses in Tokyo area, including Hongo, Kashiwa, and Komaba. The university-wide student exchange program (USTEP) enables graduate students from Yale University to spend a semester or a year at one of these campuses under the Fox International Fellowship. The student may come either as a special auditor and register for courses or as a special research student and conduct research under the guidance of UTokyo faculty. Academic prerequisites and Japanese language proficiency requirement are set by each department and/or graduate school. For those interested in learning the language while on campus, the university offers free language courses at its Japanese Language Center on Hongo campus.

USTEP offers an inspiring opportunity for those interested in studying and researching at the University of Tokyo as a Yale graduate student. It offers chances to learn from faculty engaged in the latest scholarship in a wide variety of fields while experiencing the life in Tokyo, one of the most dynamic and vibrant metropolises of the world.

Waseda University is a private university located in the heart of Tokyo and is consistently ranked as one of the best universities in Japan. Waseda is known for its high academic standards, liberal climate, and numerous successful alumni who include politicians and leaders in major Japanese corporations. Its alumni include seven post-war prime ministers and prominent corporate leaders.

Waseda University was established in 1882 and is divided into 13  faculties, which include 22 research areas. It has 54,000 students, 5,000 of whom are international students from more than 90 countries. Out of all universities in Japan, Waseda University admits the largest number of students from abroad and dispatches the largest number of Japanese students abroad. 

Waseda University is located near the Nishi-Waseda district of Shinjuku in Tokyo. The Shinjuku ward is a major commercial and administrative center for the government of Tokyo. 


イェール大学フォックス国際奨学生は全学交換留学(USTEP)生として、東京大学の本郷、柏、あるいは駒場キャンパスで一学期、ないしは一年間学ぶことができます。 学生は授業を履修する特別聴講学生、あるいは指導教員のもとで研究に専念する特別研究学生として受入れられます。日本語能力をはじめ、必須要件は各研究科・学科によって異なります。希望者には本郷キャンパスの日本語教育センターで無料の日本語授業が開講されています。