Thomas Cavanna

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U.S. Foreign Policy Towards India And Pakistan In the 1970S

His study starts at the end of the 3rd Indo-Pakistani conflict (December 1971), with the split of Pakistan and the new status of India as the great regional power. The 1970s are a mix of relative indifference, limited US attempts to take into account the new Indian domination, mutual misunderstandings, mutual distrust, and changing priorities, following the US changes of strategy and the dramatic changes of regimes both in India and Pakistan. Thomas study ends with the invasion of Afghanistan by the Soviets (December 1979), which led the US to look for a new alliance with Pakistan and enter an era of increasing tensions with the USSR. Thomas plans to analyze the relations between the three countries through the following questions: Indo-Pakistani rivalry, the Cold War and the great powers rivalry (USSR, China ), the views of the successive US Presidents and Administrations (Nixon-Kissinger-Ford, Carter-Brzezinski), the nuclear race, democracy standards, military and economic supply.