Svetlana Alkayeva

Academic Year: 
From Yale
Exchange Partners: 
Tel Aviv University
Research Interest: 
German Investments In Israel: the 1953 London Debt Agreement To the Present

Ms. Alkayeva plans to study the history of German investments in Israel in the overall context of foreign investments in the country. While many developing countries are plagued by an inability to attract foreign investments due to high risk and instability, Israel s stock market saw little fluctuation during its recent war with Lebanon. Ms. Alkayeva strives to understand the motivation behind foreign investors decisions to invest in Israel s economy. Germany is a particularly interesting case study as the Federal Republic of Germany was founded on the premise that it would support Israel. Today, Germany is Israel s second largest trading partner, though direct German investment in the country remains rather low. Ms. Alkayeva will attempt to answer the question of whether historical guilt has had an effect on the decision of German investors focus on Israel.