Siming Yu

Academic Year: 
To Yale
Exchange Partners: 
Fudan University
Research Interest: 
Legal Research On Venture Capital Exit Mechanisms: A Comparative Analysis of China And the United States

Siming Yu is a PhD candidate at Fudan University Law School, and he is also a Fox International Fellow (2013/14) at Yale University, where he is refining his research on Comparative legal research on Venture Capital Exit Mechanism between U.S and China. Siming earned his LL.B. degree from East China Normal University, and a LL.M. degree in Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. He is the member of Shanghai Bar Association and Shanghai Criminal Society. He used to work as an Economic Crime Investigator in Shanghai Security Bureau for many years. Since 2011, he has been practicing as a lawyer in the field of white-collar crime defense and commercial law in China.