Satveer Kaur

Academic Year: 
To Yale
Exchange Partners: 
National University of Singapore
Research Interest: 
Understanding the health risks of Foreign Domestic Workers: the Singaporean experience

Satveer Kaur is a third-year doctoral candidate at the Department of Communications & New Media (CNM), National University of Singapore.  Satveer’s current research interests are in health and political communication, specifically looking at health experiences and inequalities among impoverished communities, where health disparities are rampant. Her doctoral thesis looks at cardiovascular disease and the Malay community in Singapore.

Her other research projects include health experiences of subaltern migrant communities, framing of migrant worker communities, and health information seeking behaviour in Singapore. Satveer recently received the CARE Outstanding Scholarship for Social Justice Research award.  

Satveer received her Master of Science (MSc) in International Public Policy from University College London in 2011 and her Bachelor of Social Science (BSc with Honors) from the National University of Singapore.

Policy Brief: “Addressing Disparities: Narratives of Foreign Domestic Workers”