Reuben Tete-Larbi

Academic Year: 
To Yale
Exchange Partners: 
University of Ghana
Research Interest: 
Climate Change and Schistosomiasis Transmission in Three Endemic Communities in Ghana: Investigating the Effect of Risk Perceptions

Reuben Tete Larbi is a second-year doctoral student at the Regional Institute for Population Studies (RIPS) of the University of Ghana (UG), Legon. His research interest is on climate change and vector-borne disease transmission nexus, with special focus on the neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). Reuben has a BSc. degree in Biomedical Engineering and MPhil in Population Studies, all from the University of Ghana. Reuben has worked as an intern at the Korle-bu Teaching hospital in Accra, Ghana. He has also worked as a teaching assistant at the Department of Biomedical Engineering and as research assistant at the RIPS, UG. In the course of his graduate studies, Reuben was the facilitator of community interventions on the African Adaptation Research Centre of Excellence (AARC). He is the head of research for the Institute for Aging, Ghana (IFA-Ghana). His objective in life is to promote the health and wellbeing of the marginalized and other vulnerable populations through research and advocacy.