Rachael Hansen-Garshong

Academic Year: 
To Yale
Exchange Partners: 
University of Ghana
Project Title: 
"Entrepreneurial Well-Being and Outcomes among female Entrepreneurs within the Ghanaian Context"

Rachael Hansen-Garshong is a PhD candidate in the department of psychology at the University of Ghana. Her research focuses on exploring the well-being of Ghanaian female entrepreneurs and its influence on the entrepreneurial process and outcomes using interpretative phenomenological approach. Rachael is an organizational psychology consultant at a private firm interested in promoting the workers’ wellbeing. Rachael is also volunteer trainer with WomanRising Africa, where she is involved in supporting and raising resilient women entrepreneurs within the Sub-region. She was instrumental in a nationwide research on the psychological consequences of the financial sector clean-up by the central bank which led to massive job losses. Her career focus is to promote well-being as a core part of the entrepreneurial process as a means of empowering women and alleviating poverty. Rachael received the Carnegie Corporation of New York grant through the Building African Next Generation of Academics (BANGA) project for her doctoral research. She also won a scholarship from the Stellenbosch University to participate in the African doctoral Academy summer school. Rachael’s I/O Psychology master’s thesis was ‘Employee development practices within the SME space and its influence on performance, findings of which is currently being published in the African Leadership book.