Patricia Alvarez-Plata

Academic Year: 
To Yale
Exchange Partners: 
Freie University
Research Interest: 
Currency Crises And Political Economy the Case of Latin America

Ms. Alvarez-Plata will focus her research on the currency crises in emerging market economies. She hopes to strengthen current theoretical models by developing a model which takes into account political factors. Including factors such as electoral timing, political change and structural reforms will significantly strengthen the possibility to explain, and thus predict currency crises. Her empirical analysis will be based on several Latin American countries in which financial turbulence and politics seem to be particularly linked. At Yale, Ms. Alvarez-Plata will conduct research in several of Yale's libraries, including Sterling, the Cowles Foundation Library and the Economic Growth Center library. She will also attend the Macroeconomic Workshop, the Workshop in Trade and Development and consult with several prominent faculty members of Yale's Department of Economics.