Natalia Pires de Vasconcelos

Academic Year: 
To Yale
Exchange Partners: 
University of Sao Paulo
Research Interest: 
Courts and the right to healthcare: strong remedies, budget limitations and compliance with judicial decisions.

Natalia Pires is a PhD candidate in Constitutional Law and an undergraduate student in Social Sciences at the University of Sao Paulo  (FDUSP). She is also a 2016/2017 Fox Fellow at the MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies at Yale University. While at Yale, she wishes to explore political science theories and methods to understand the relationship between government bureaucracies and judicial decisions. Her primary research interest is the judicialization of social rights and public policies in the Global South. Her PhD research tries to determine which policy variables can explain compliance with judicial decisions on healthcare right in Brazil. Natalia Pires holds a Master of Laws degree and a Bachelor of Laws degree (LLB) from the University of Sao Paulo. She is also a researcher at Brazilian Society of Public Law.

Policy Brief:  “Courts Intervention in Health Care Policy: The Case of Brazil”