Maurits de Jongh

Academic Year: 
To Yale
Exchange Partners: 
Sciences Po
Research Interest: 
Public goods and the commons: friends or foes?

Maurits de Jongh studied political science (BA, MSc) at Leiden University, where he graduated cum laude in the political philosophy track. He is currently a PhD candidate and teaching fellow in political science at SciencesPo (CEVIPOF). In 2016/2017 Maurits will work on his dissertation as a Fox International Fellow at Yale University. His research interests include the welfare state, public goods and the commons, democratic thought, theories of justice and legitimacy, and the work of Hannah Arendt and Michael Oakeshott. Maurits is determined to combine his passion for research, teaching and public involvement in his future professional life.

Policy Brief: “Global Public Goods and the Global Commons: Opposite or Complementary Perspectives for Policy-Makers?”