Luiz Felipe Rosa Ramos

Academic Year: 
To Yale
Exchange Partners: 
University of Sao Paulo
Project Title: 
Antitrust goals and the multivalued function of competition: The case of Brazil

Luiz is currently a PHD candidate in law at the University of Sao Paulo. His dissertation examines antitrust goals in Brazil through the use of the sociology of competition. Luiz is currently a visiting researcher at the University of Bielefeld. He is the author of two books “Orlando Gomes" (Elsevier, 2014), which he coauthored with Osny Filho, and "Por trás dos casos difíceis”: a dogmática jurídica e a proibição da denegação de justiça" (Juruá, 2016).

Policy Brief: “The Goals of Antitrust Policy: Are We Promoting Competition?”