Kavitha Chalakkal

Academic Year: 
To Yale
Exchange Partners: 
Jawaharlal Nehru University
Research Interest: 
International Legal Framework For Conservation of Wild Animals

Kavitha s study focuses on the issues and emerging concerns under international wildlife law, especially the international migratory species law. Her study intends to look into the economic and institutional factors that bring the species under threat as they are the principal destructive process at work now in the modification or loss of species' habitats. The study will try to examine the problem of conservation from legal and institutional perspectives, in order to identify opportunities for an expanded approach to conservation of species. The major focus of Kavitha s work will relate to implementation aspects of the relevant conservation laws. This will mainly compare the issues in the translation of the precautionary approach into operational measures in the specific field of wild animal conservation and natural resource management as well as issues of sustainable development, poverty eradication, and livelihoods as they relate to the regime. The work is inter-disciplinary in nature since the role of scientific and technological development plays a key role in conservation issues. In the process, Kavitha will make an effort to analyze and understand some of the key questions that are part of the current discourse both among scholars and at the intergovernmental level.