Imran Daniels

Academic Year: 
To Yale
Exchange Partners: 
University of Cape Town
Project Title: 
A Taxing Challenge: Can Bi-lateral tax treaties and domestic protection from transnational corporations exist under the same roof

Imran is a qualified Chartered Accountant in South Africa and a Masters of Law candidate with a specialization in international taxation at the University of Cape Town. His research has focused on the development of fiscal policies for international diplomacy in interpreting tax treaties for developing countries. He has been involved in various global tax treaty initiatives, including as the only ever African representative team member at the university lead International and European Tax Moot Court in Belgium, and more recently, co-presenting at the Global Tax Treaty Commentary seminar in the Netherlands on his co-authored winning research paper entitled "The Role of Foreign Court Decisions towards Global Convergence in the Interpretation of Tax Treaties", which analysed the interpretation of tax treaty law from a South African perspective. Imran’s interests lie in the contrasting hierarchy of international tax law principles coupled with the domestic legislation of developing tax economies to where they are applied. At Yale, he seeks to research the interpretation of the U.S. conceived domestic Controlled-Foreign-Company anti-avoidance legislation when applied in a model-based tax convention entered into between two contracting states. 

Policy Brief: “Tax Treaty or Tax Traitor? Does International Tax Law Reward Corporate Misbehavior?”