Hui Zhuang

Academic Year: 
To Yale
Exchange Partners: 
Fudan University
Research Interest: 
Protestant Philanthropy In Shanghai (1901-1951)

Hui s research will focus on the Chinese Mission to Lepers (1926-1954). The mission was launched by Chinese Protestant priests and laymen in 1926 with the aim of ridding China of leprosy. In the beginning, it was sponsored mainly by the American Mission to Lepers (now American Leprosy Mission) and was later interrupted by the Pacific War. After building the National Leprosium of China in 1936, it received financial subsidies from all governments in Shanghai, including Common Settlement, French Concession, KMT government, Japan-controlled Shanghai Municipality, and even the Communist Regime in Shanghai after 1949. The Mission ended in 1954 when the Leprosium was taken over by the government. Hui s research tries to tell the story about the strife and survival of a Christian Philanthropy organization in Shanghai and the people involved.