Helen Eenmaa

Academic Year: 
From Yale
Exchange Partners: 
Moscow State University
Research Interest: 
Relationship Between the Foundamental Principles of Efficiency And Corrective Justice In Russian Private Law And Legal Practice

Ms. Eenma will study the relationship between the fundamental principles of efficiency and corrective justice in Russian private law and legal practice. Law is a system of principles often considered to communicate a certain conception of justice. Several American legal philosophers have argued that the principle of corrective justice provides the best explanation of various areas of the law, especially the law of torts. On the other hand, some philosophers of law and many economists of law have argued against it, suggesting alternative principles, most notably the principle of efficiency. Ms. Eenmaa plans to research the role of the principle of efficiency in Russian law as well as the substantive content of the principle of corrective justice and determine how these principles are reflected in Russian legal practice.