Francisco Arias-Vazquez

Academic Year: 
To Yale
Exchange Partners: 
el Colegio de Mexico
Research Interest: 
Inequality, Democracy And Growth In Latin America

As a Fox Fellow, Mr. Arias-Vazquez s goal is to gain a better understanding of the sources and solutions to inequality. He will approach the problem by taking into account the role of economic growth and the process of democratization that has taken place in most Latin American countries since the mid-seventies. Using many of the recently developed political economy analytical models Francisco will conduct empirical analysis based on cross-country data of developing countries. He hopes his research will contribute to a better understanding of the sources of inequality and lead to an improved design of programs for poverty alleviation.At Yale, Mr. Arias-Vazquez will make use of the rich library resources, including the Social Science Library, focusing specifically on statistical data from different Latin American countries. He also hopes to consult with Professor Gustav Ranis and Professor John Roemer.