Eileen Zelek

Academic Year: 
From Yale
Exchange Partners: 
University of Sao Paulo
Research Interest: 
Brazil-China Relations: Development During the Post-Cold War Period And A Glimpse Into the Future

Since the mid-1990s, Brazil has followed a diversified foreign agenda, both under former President Fernando Henrique Cardoso and now under Lula Inacio da Silva s government. China is a crucial partner in Brazil s vision of establishing a new geography in international trade. Indeed, the Lula administration considers China to be Brazil s most promising political ally and business partner. Despite progress in joint-action, Brazil s euphoria over its partnership with China has recently diminished for several reasons. Eileen plans to analyze the nature and potential of relations between Brazil and China, two of the so-called BRIC nations, especially in light of the current global financial meltdown. Eileen also will examine the implications of the Brazil-China strategic partnership for the United States, as well as its influence on the world s two other fastest growing developing economies, Russia and India.