Director’s Letter

I could not be happier or more enthusiastic to write as the new director of the Fox International Fellowship Program. Today more than ever we need a robust global civil society that can pull world together into a common mission of peace and prosperity for all. The Fox Fellowship is working to sustain and expand that global network.

Under the inspiring leadership of Benjamin Cashore, the Fellowship has experienced tremendous growth. Six new exchange partners have been added in the last five years alone. While expect to continue to expand in the next few years, our new goal is to knit these partners and the remarkable fellows they produce into an ever more cohesive and supportive community while also further integrating the fellowship into the rich intellectual life of Yale.

I am extremely lucky to be working with an incredible team and the wonderful Fox family in realizing our lofty goals. I offer my sincere thanks to them and all the donors and supporters of the fellowship. In the meantime, look forward to celebrating and fostering the accomplishments of our wonderful fellows – current and past – over the course of year!


Emily Erikson