Colin Almeleh

Academic Year: 
To Yale
Exchange Partners: 
University of Cape Town
Research Interest: 
Dynamics of Hiv-Serostatus Disclosure In South Africa

Mr. Almeleh s research focuses on the impact and importance of HIV disclosure in South Africa. He will investigate in what ways the experience of positive HIV-serostatus disclosure reflects the relationship between the socio-economic and cultural context of HIV/AIDS in South Africa and the experience of living with HIV/AIDS. Using the African township of Khayelitsha as a case study, he will utilize qualitative data in the form of in-depth interviews and focus group discussions to complement quantitative data from surveys on the long-term impact of anti-retroviral treatment. Through his research Mr. Almeleh hopes to understand the complex social context of AIDS in South Africa in order to develop new and support existing effective treatment, prevention and adherence strategies.