Claire Charters

Academic Year: 
To Yale
Exchange Partners: 
Cambridge University
Research Interest: 
Resolving the Incoherence In Int'l Law of Indigenous People's Rights

Ms. Charters' research focuses on a resolution to the fragmentation and incoherence of international law on Indigenous people's rights. There are a plethora of international institutions active in indigenous peoples' rights under international law. Many have developed different, and at times conflicting, norms on the level of state duties owed to Indigenous people. This incoherence extends to matters of restitution, self-determination, culture, traditional knowledge and treaties between Indigenous peoples and states. Ms. Charters argues that placing this fragmentation of Indigenous peoples' rights within the context of more general jurisprudence and academic commentary highlights lessons that can be learned to resolve the incoherence in Indigenous peoples' rights. At the same time this contextual placement also isolates the ways in which fragmentation in Indigenous peoples' rights is unique.