Christine Brouwer

Fox-Max Kade Fellow
Academic Year: 
From Yale
Exchange Partners: 
Freie University
Research Interest: 
Dutch Collaborationism From A German Perspective During the Occupation of the NetheRlands In Wwii

Focusing on the issue of collaboration in the Netherlands during the Second World War, Ms. Brouwer hopes to explain the mystery of the existence of collaborators in a generally tolerant culture. How could the Dutch nation as a whole have slipped into a wartime position of passivity and collaboration that precluded massive public protest, in spite of its long history of tolerance and its propensity for individual resistance? Ms. Brouwer believes that her study will contribute to the broad area of European history, which is particularly important during this era of increasing European integration and the continued importance of Germany's economic and cultural relationship with other European nations. Future Plans: Ms. Brouwer intends to enroll in graduate school and study history.