Bo Yuan

Academic Year: 
To Yale
Exchange Partners: 
Fudan University
Project Title: 
Connecting the World through Children's Stories: Lessons from the US

Yuan Bo is a Ph.D Candidate of Fudan University, as well as a children’s literature writer and an animation scriptwriter. He has published 16 books for children and won the prestigious Bingxin Children’s Literature prize 3 times. He is also an animation scriptwriter who had taken part in making 3 animation TV shows. He is not only interested in writing, but also work as a reading ambassador for children. He has made 92 speeches in libraries, schools, and bookshops, TV programs and Internet websites in different cities all over China since 2012. Also, he was invited as a special guest of China International Children’s Book Fairs (CICB) in 2015, and made a speech to introduce the development of Chinese children’s literature to publishers from other countries. He devoted himself to making Chinese children’s stories more appealing to children from other cultures. It is his dream to make a better world by influencing children. He believes that children’s stories play an important role in helping build friendship and achieving peace throughout the world.