Boğaziçi University, Turkey

Boğaziçi University was founded in 1863 as Robert College, the first American higher education institution founded outside the United States. In 1971, Robert College, along with all its facilities and staff, was transferred to Turkish government and assumed the name Boğaziçi University. Today, Boğaziçi University is the leading university in Turkey.

With its four faculties, two schools, six institutes and twenty research centers, Boğaziçi University hosts around fifteen-thousand students in total and each year attracts the highest scoring students at the nation-wide university entrance exam. In addition to its top-notch academic program, Boğaziçi University offers its students a rich social and cultural life with its forty students clubs, a movie center, gym, tennis courts, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, to name just some of the facilities on offer.

The areas frequented by those on the Fox International Fellowship are mainly located in the South Campus, facing the beautiful strait that separates Europe and Asia and surrounded by the historical castle of Rumelihisar. The conference halls found in the historical buildings of the South Campus regularly host international conferences, symposia and colloquia, and welcome well-renowned intellectuals from all around the world. South Campus is well equipped to address the various needs of the students: there is a laundry, a hairdresser, banks and other conveniences. The South Campus is adjacent to a residential area, so anything that cannot be found on the campus will be within walking distance.

Studying at Boğaziçi University offers Fox International Fellows the unique experience of living in the only city in the world that stands astride two continents. Istanbul is home to not only a rich history, but also a city life rich in culture with year-round festivals, concerts, theaters and museums.