Aysen Eren

Fox-Zucker Fellow
Academic Year: 
To Yale
Exchange Partners: 
Bogazici University
Research Interest: 
Governance And Systematic Changes Associated With Small-Scale Hydropower Production In the Ikizdere Valley, Turkey

Aysen Eren is a third-year doctoral student in the Institute of Environmental Sciences at Bogazici University. Her research focuses on social- sustainable development issues surrounding water resources specifically small-scale hydropower development in Turkey. Her research approach is interdisciplinary, combining perspectives and methodologies from environmental sciences, applied sciences, political ecology, political economy and common-pool resource scholarship. Aysen earned a BSc. degree in industrial engineering from Middle East Techical University, Turkey, in 1987, and an MSc. degree in industrial engineering and operations research from Bilkent University, Turkey, in 1989. She received a second MSc. degree from Columbia University in 1991. She worked for many years in banking, telecommunications and international trade. In the early 2000s, she joined several environmental grass-root organizations. In 2008, she established Sustainable Living Games , designed to create awareness on sustainable living issues. In 2010, she returned to academia again in an effort to transfer her knowledge and expertise on socio-technical and technological systems to understand human-environment relations. She was selected for the Prof. Elinor Ostrom Fellowship on Practice and Policy on Commons in 2013 and is currently a Fox International Fellow at Yale University.