Asaf Ziderman

Academic Year: 
To Yale
Exchange Partners: 
Tel Aviv University
Research Interest: 
On Action And Dialogue In Martin Buber's Thought: The Implications of A Dialogical Theory of Action For Contemproary Philosophy And Jewish Studies

Asaf Ziderman is a PhD candidate in the School of Philosophy at Tel Aviv University. His Dissertation topic is: "On Action and Dialogue in Martin Buber s Thought: The Implications of a Dialogical Theory of Action for Contemporary Philosophy and Jewish Studies." He is supervised by Professor Menachem Fisch and Ron Margolin. Asaf is the recipient of the President s doctoral scholarship at Tel Aviv University, and of the Posen Foundation Fellowship. Asaf studied three years at the Ein Zurim Yeshiva and at Tel Aviv University for his bachelor and Master's degrees, graduating summa cum laude. His main areas of interest are philosophy of action, philosophy of the inter-personal, philosophy of religion, and modern Jewish thought. Besides his academic work, Asaf is involved in various initiatives of disseminating a more liberal, feminist, and non-institutionalized Judaic religion in Israel.