Andrew Cedar

Academic Year: 
From Yale
Exchange Partners: 
Cambridge University
Research Interest: 
Rites of Passage: Palestinian Youth And Generational Transitions In Politics

Mr. Cedar will be researching generational transitions in Palestinian-Israeli politics, particularly when new leaders assume power and choose to break from the traditions of their predecessors. Young Palestinians have become a driving force behind watershed events in the Arab/Israeli conflict and have defined a new relationship with the West and Israel. By conducting a cross-generational study comparing the 1936-39 general strikes and the first Intifada, Mr. Cedar hopes to elucidate the role of formative experiences in shaping ideologies and strategies of each generation. In particular, he will look at the historical circumstances influencing each generation, including the policies of Britain and Israel. Ultimately, he hopes to apply this analysis to the lives of current Palestinian and Israeli teenagers in order to better understand the political makeup of the next generation of leaders.