Alexandra Brandt Ryborg Joensson

Academic Year: 
To Yale
Exchange Partners: 
University of Copenhagen
Research Interest: 
Inequality in First world Healthcare: Multimorbidity, Power and Gender.

Alexandra Brandt Ryborg Joensson is a PhD student at the University of Copenhagen. She got her masters degree from the Department of Anthropology and continued as an external lecturer. Her PhD thesis explores the everyday life of Danish people with multimorbidty set against social inequalities in health. Alexandra has presented some of her work at international conferences and has published 5 peer reviewed articles on health strategies, family dynamics, patient involvement and ethics in anthropological journals. When her PhD thesis is finished she plans on increasing her professional competences and use her scholarly knowledge to help ensure better equality in health services.

Policy Brief: “Empowering Elderly with Chronic Diseases can Optimize their Treatment”