Agnete Aslaug Kjaer

Academic Year: 
To Yale
Exchange Partners: 
University of Copenhagen
Research Interest: 
Explaining inequality in aging populations –a dynamic assessment of Denmark

Agnete Aslaug Kjær is a PhD Fellow (2015 – 2018) at the Danish National Centre for Social Research and at University of Copenhagen. During her affiliation with the National Centre for Social Research, Agnete has contributed to a number of research projects on marginalized groups, disability and aging. As a Fox International Fellow at Yale University (2016 -2017) she will conduct research for her PhD project on unequal aging. The PhD project investigates inequalities in aging populations through a dynamic assessment of Denmark. Agnete holds an MA Degree in Political Science from University of Copenhagen (2013) and she has completed extensive coursework in applied research methods.

Policy Brief: “What Research Tells Us About Aging and Inequality - And How this Matters to Welfare States”