Vinicius Lindoso

Academic Year: 
From Yale
Exchange Partners: 
Sciences Po
Research Interest: 
Aux Archives, Citoyens: The Comit D'histoire De La Deuxieme Guerre Mondiale And the Making of French Contemporary History

Vinicius (or, Vinny ) is a recent graduate from Yale College, with a double B.A. in Global Affairs and French Studies. Having written a senior thesis on French historiography of World War II and the emergence of contemporary history as an academic field, he pursued the Fox Fellowship to spend a year expanding his senior thesis research both in Paris and around France s multiple provincial archives. Vinny is Brazilian by nationality, and hopes to pursue a career in diplomacy, with a focus on conflict-resolution. He has previously worked for the Brazilian Permanent Mission to the United Nations, and is currently working at UNESCO parallel to his Fox research. He knows that his career choice will likely imply several changes of office and living location, but he is very happy for the time being in his charming Parisian surroundings.