Rafael Bezerra Nunes

Academic Year: 
From Yale
Exchange Partners: 
el Colegio de Mexico
Project Title: 
The Politics of Judicial Virtue: Judicial Independence and Responsibility in New Democracies

Rafael Nunes is a Ph.D. candidate in Constitutional Law at the Law School of the University of São Paulo (2016-2019). He holds a Master of Laws’s degree in Constitutional Law from University of São Paulo (2015) and a Bachelor of Laws degree (LLB) from Federal University of Maranhão (2013). During his academic life he received scholarships from PIBITI/UFMA (2009-2010); PIBIC/CNPQ (2011-2012); ANDIFES/SANTANDER (2011); and FAPESP (2015). His general interests are comparative constitutional law, judicial politics, political theory and jurisprudence. His Ph.D. research focuses on empirical, analytical and normative issues raised by internal (among Justices) and external (with public opinion and other branches) strategic interactions of Constitutional and Supreme Courts. He is a member of the Constitution, Politics and Institutions Research Group (USP).