Philippa Buckley

Academic Year: 
To Yale
Exchange Partners: 
Cambridge University
Research Interest: 
Us Policy Toward Humanitarian Interventions

While at Yale, Ms. Buckley will research the US government s attitude toward and role in humanitarian intervention. She will investigate what role the US might play in today s world protecting the rights of citizens vis a-vis their governments in the context of a web of international conventions, agreements and organizations. Among the questions she seeks answers to are to what extent does the Bush administration see this as a priority, if at all? If so, for what reasons? And what is its vision for the practicalities of carrying out this role, if it indeed has one? Ms. Buckley is interested in witnessing American domestic politics personally, since it is her belief that a proper understanding of US foreign policy can only be gained from within the country. Ms. Buckley is interested in the work of the International Security Studies program. In particular, she hopes to consult Professor Paul Kennedy and Professor John Lewis Gaddis.