Meihong Jia

Academic Year: 
To Yale
Exchange Partners: 
University of Tokyo
Project Title: 
Mandatory savings, Inequality and Homeownership: The Case of the Housing Provident Fund in China

As an economic researcher with an engineering background, Meihong is passionate about using state-of-art quantiative methods to promote poverty eradication and inequality reduction. In particular, Meihong is interested in identifying role of governments in achieving the goal of reduced inequality.   Meihong holds a master of economics, and a bachelor of electronic engineering. Currently, She is a PhD candidate in the Graduate School of Economics, The University of Tokyo. Her  research explores whether mandatory savings accounts earmarked for housing consumption is a good idea for housing finance policy. She examines this question  from the perspectives of of wealth inequality, aggregate savings and homeownership. She is also enrolled in a leading interdisciplinary learning program at The University of Tokyo, where she’s leading a project on innovation in banking sectors to help deal with home credit default and its social and legal implications.