Ibrahim Kılıçaslan

Academic Year: 
To Yale
Exchange Partners: 
Bogazici University
Project Title: 
The Rise of Civil Bureaucracy in the Eighteenth-Century Ottoman Administration

Ibrahim Kılıçaslan is a Ph.D. candidate and a research assistant at Bogaziçi University’s History Department. His current research focuses on the administrative history of the Ottoman Empire in the eighteenth century. For his doctoral thesis, he aims to write a collective biography of Ottoman bureaucrats, in which he will engage with questions related to the civilianization of governance, the early modern roots of the modern state in the Middle East, and the transformation of Ottoman political thought in the eighteenth century. Prior to his doctoral studies, Ibrahim received his B.A. from Bogaziçi University with high honors, and his M.A. degree (with full scholarship) from Sabanci University, where he successfully defended an M.A. thesis that examines the Ottoman takeover of Tripoli (1835) as part of an inter-imperial competition over North Africa. In the summer of 2019, he attended the Islamicate Digital Humanities Summer School in Hamburg University where he explored the opportunities offered by digital age to those who work in the humanities and social sciences. Since his undergraduate years, Ibrahim has cultivated a special interest in economic thought, which finds its expression in his published translations. He is also a keen admirer and a modest performer of Ottoman music.