Doctors of the Pandemic

The Fox International Fellowship invites you to join a panel discussion with Drs. Jessica Gold, Lynn Fiellin, and Rene Almeling led by Emma Goldberg, author of forthcoming book “Life on the Line: Young Doctors Come of Age in a Pandemic” (expected June 2021). The panelists will discuss the effects of COVID-19 on frontline providers. Jessica (“Jessi”) Gold, MD, MS, is an Assistant Professor and the Director of Wellness, Engagement, and Outreach in the Department of Psychiatry at Washington University in Saint Louis School of Medicine. Dr. Lynn Fiellin is a Professor of Medicine and Public Health at Yale. Dr. Rene Almeling is an associate professor of sociology at Yale University with research and teaching interests in gender studies and medicine. Emma Goldberg is a reporter at the New York Times and received her BA from Yale and MPhil from the University of Cambridge.

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