Theodor Vladasel

Academic Year: 
To Yale
Exchange Partners: 
University of Copenhagen
Project Title: 
Policy Challenges in Maintaining Universal Healthcare

Theodor Vladasel is a PhD student at Copenhagen Business School. He obtained his mastersmaster’s degree in Organizational Economics at the University of Amsterdam, where he graduated cum laude. With entrepreneurship often at the center of the public policy debate on innovation, growth, and social mobility, his thesis focuses on the potential for developing more and better entrepreneurs, using advanced statistical tools and experimental methods. His interests span the contextual and genetic factors that influence individuals to become firm-owners, new firms’ response to the call for social responsibility in the form of social enterprises, and how the latter organizational form can ensure both financial sustainability and the achievement of social impact. He plans on pursuing an academic career in order to carry out research that can inform an audience of both policy-makers and management practitioners.